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Tuesday February 24th, 2008

posted Feb 24, 2009, 5:07 PM by Chase Vaughan   [ updated Feb 24, 2009, 6:33 PM ]
Today I was struggling through the lunges. I use hardly any weight on them, but the protraction of the movements is too much for my body, which I think believes itself to be fat.  That means I have to push harder through! And get more rest.
  • Superset #1
    • Dumbbell Squats
      • 30lbs/leg, 2x20
    • Lunges
      • 10lbs/leg, 1x20, 1x10
  • Superset #2
    • Ballet Squats
      • 30lbs/leg, 2x20
    • Straight-Leg Dead Lift
      • 30lbs/leg, 2X20
  • Superset # 3
    • Shoulder Press
      • 25lbs/arm, 2x20
    • Seated Calf Raises (both legs)
      • 45lbs/calf, 2x25
  • Superset #4
    • Lateral Raises
      • 10lbs/arm 1x20; 7.5 lbs/arm 1x20
    • Outside seated calf press
      • 50lbs/calf, 2x30
Hey, I would have tried to do the tens again for lateral raises, but they were all taken, and I had a gel running! What? I wouldn't have been able to do 10lbs another 20 times anyway.
I swear, those squats just kill me, but by the time I'm walking out of the gym, my legs are completely functional again. I would call that progress.