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Special Announcement

posted May 18, 2009, 8:33 PM by Chase Vaughan
It isn't that I've stopped working out, though the consistency has diminished, I've mostly just stopped writing down my workouts. I've started using a great iPhone/iPod Touch application called "iFitness" to record my workouts, and so far, that's doing a wonderful job. It keep perfect track of my workouts with extremely little effort from me, which I love. I can even get it to send me a record of the day's workout, but I have yet to take the time to turn it into a good format. But we'll see. 

Already modified a bit, here's an example of a past day:

12-May-09Dumbbell lateral raise115 lb10
215 lb10
315 lb10
415 lb10
Straight-leg deadlift1100 lb10
2100 lb10
3100 lb10
4100 lb10
Leg curl160 lb10Too much.
255 lb10A bit much.
350 lb10
450 lb10
Dumbell shoulder press170 lb10
270 lb10
370 lb10
470 lb10
Seated calf raise1140 lb25
2140 lb25
3140 lb25
4140 lb25
Calf press1180 lb50
2180 lb50
3180 lb50
4180 lb50
Leg extension1140 lb10
2140 lb10
3140 lb10
4140 lb10
Beginner squat1100 lb10
2100 lb10
3100 lb10
4100 lb10

The exercises aren't in the order in which I did them, and even the little bit of formating I did on this one took longer than I'm willing to put into a daily log. We'll see how this evolves.