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Friday February 27th, 2009

posted Feb 28, 2009, 10:54 AM by Chase Vaughan   [ updated Feb 28, 2009, 11:05 AM ]
This day was packed, I didn't even get to post this on the proper day, but here it is. I ate a bunch of Tres Leches, so I had this coming.

  • Superset #1
    • Dumbbell Squats
      • 30lbs/leg, 2x20 (Becoming easier!)
    • Straight Leg dead lift
      • 30lbs/leg, 2x20 (Not feeling it. May remove it from regimen.)
  • Superset #2
    • Ballet Squats
      • 30lbs/leg, 2x20
    • Leg Curls
      • 25lbs/leg, 1x15, 1x10 (Felt it like a mo-foe. May replace Straight leg dead lift.)
  • Superset #3
    • Shoulder Press
      • 25lbs/arm, 1x20; 30lbs/arm 1x30 (Next time, start with 30lbs)
    • Seated Calf raises
      • 90lbs, 25x2
  • Superset #4
    • Lateral Raises
      • 10lbs/arm, 2x20 (Next time Try 12.5lbs)
    • Standing calf raises
      • 90lbs, 2x20 (more weight)

I had long ago removed the leg curl from my workout because I couldn't control my hamstrings well enough to make it worth my while. Now, though, it turns out to be a decimating exercise! But as good as my hamstring workout was is about as bad as my calf workout was. Standing calf raises aren't as good as the calf press I'm used to doing, or maybe I can go down in weight and try it one calf at a time.

So far, things are going wonderfully!