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March 4th, 2009

posted Mar 4, 2009, 10:53 PM by Chase Vaughan   [ updated Mar 6, 2009, 1:05 AM ]
Lamentably, one of our dear fellow competitors, Ed, was unable to join us tonight for our weekly bowling bonanza. He was dreadfully missed, but it's hoped he will make a triumphant return next week!

As it happened, Judge, a new player in the ranks, joined us for the first time and performed beautifully! Tonight was also a great night for Laurel, who smashed her all-time high score by bowling an impressive and thus far unrivaled 183 points!!! We saw Chase's scores creep back into the triple digits--thank god--and Niroop stayed true to form and consistent with an overall average increase in scores.

We also took a new angle: Teams! It was the Americans v.s Indians in a cultural battle of the bowl!

Indians win 3:2!

I envision a future where the world may bowl together in peace and harmony.

                    Game 8       Game 9     Game 10     Game 11
Niroop 111163 105111 
Judge  153124 155 133 
Chase  7882 119122
Laurel 183148  92128