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Baking? Really?

Yes, really! For one reason or another, when I came to Birmingham, one of the first things I started to do was bake. I started off with Tres Leches, and went on to bake pumpkin pies and pound cakes and a lot things from boxes. 

Baking is a wonderful activity: It's like art for your taste buds! And not only do you personally benefit, but all of your friends and neighbors get to partake in the rewards as well! 

I try to bake something about once week if I can get around to it, and I want to make sure that any new ground I make finds its way to to website and to you.

Top Recipes

Baked GoodDeliciousness RatingDifficultyRecipe
Tres Leches Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Easy YES! 
Pumpkin Pie Yum Yum Yum Medium YES! 
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  • Tres Leches Tres Leches is one of the most delicious deserts around, and can be made with extreme ease!  After you're done, you will praise your hands for assembling this marvelous ...
    Posted Mar 24, 2009, 1:13 PM by Chase Vaughan
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