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UAB Interview

On April 3rd, 2008, I flew out of Raleigh at 1:35pm and arrived in Birmingham around 5:15pm.

I was driven around Birmingham and saw the city and different housing options, and I asked questions about the area and the life of Birmingham. Then, I was taken out to dinner with two other interviewees and four graduate students from UAB to talk about just about everything I could think of. I had a great time!

On April 4th, I got up and began my faculty interviews. It was an absolute blast! I learned everything I could about the Integrative Biomedical Sciences (IBS) program and the structure of UAB and got to see some pretty amazing things. My interviews were with the following professors:

1) Coral Lamartiniere, Ph.D  - (IBS Program Director)

         ~ 8.30am-9.20am


3) Susan M. Rich, Ph.D.

4) Theresa Strong, Ph.D.
       ~~LUNCH ~~

5) F. Shawn Galin, Ph.D. - (IBS Chair of Admissions)

My flight out of Birmingham left at 3:45pm and I arrived back home at about 8:30pm Friday night.

I had a lot to go over in my head when I got home, but I was extremely impressed with UAB! They told me that I would know if I got in by April 9th.

So, in 2,000 words or more, how awesome do you think I am?