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Some Recommendations

This will also be a part of your application process. I know you don't like begging, but this one is pretty easy because it's up to your professors. Your graduate school has to know that somebody is willing vouch for you, right? Well, of course! There's no need to be offended; all you have to do is get three or so of your professors to write you a letter of recommendation and send it to the University who's program you want to join. The website or the application should tell you where exactly they want you to send it. Now, you may have the option to see the letters before they go to the University, but always say No to that. The letter will always be better and more honest if the professor doesn't think he or she is being scrutinized by you about what they write. Besides, you trust them, right?

So my advice is pretty simple (and obvious): Choose professors you think like you and who have worked with you a lot. A letter of recommendation will be much better from a professor who actually believes in you and has a lot of experience to draw from, so keep that in mind when you ask for a letter. Professors write a TON of these letters for their students, so they know the dance.